Edmonton Oilfield Services

Oilfield Services for Edmonton: The Power of a Lynx Fence

Lynx Brand Fences are renowned for their strength and durability. We know it’s important that your well heads, meter stations, valves, tanks, and other critical equipment are secure, even in remote areas. That’s why Lynx created free-standing fence panels for any application!

Easy to Assemble, Variable Applications

Your oilfield site can benefit from the temporary—or permanent—security of a Lynx free-standing fence. Take a look at our fence features:

  • Panels are ideal for entire fields, limited access zones, or securing hard-to-excavate sites
  • Free-standing fences are specially designed for remote locations
  • Fences can be installed easily by field crews
  • No post holes or concrete is necessary
  • Panels bolt together securely
  • Panels are completely rigid and secure
  • Panels are re-usable
  • Fences can be enlarged with additional panels
  • Custom panel “feet” can be added for added stability for longer fence runs

No matter your application, we have the perfect fencing options for your oilfield property.

Sizes and Weights for Every Fencing Need

Fencing for oilfield equipment

We offer light, medium, and heavy duty fence weights for any need. Each panel is constructed of rigid- weld galvanized pipe and 9-gauge galvanized chain link mesh, all at a height of 6 feet with optional barbed-wire or non-barbed top. Panels can be manufactured up to 24’ wide.

Add a custom width gate to any panel with one of a variety of entry options including panic hardware for emergency exits/entrances.