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Lynx Brand Fence Products is a premier fence company in Canada manufacturing chain link fence & related products since 1971 with locations in Calgary, Edmonton & Kelowna.

Serviced from our Calgary location areas including Airdrie, Cochrane, Carseland, Chestermere, Strathmore, Okotoks, High River, Olds, Didsbury, Carstairs, Crossfield, Claresholm, Innisfail, Banff, Canmore and many more.

Our facilities are set up to handle any job related to fencing, and safety is our primary concern. Our skilled installation crews are trained to handle all types of fence installation. Lynx provides a variety of high quality flexible fence solutions.

Many people in Calgary fence with us because of our strong reputation. We have been an industry leader for over 25 years and have experience fencing for residential, sports and recreation, and commercial needs, and creating and installing automatic gates.

In Calgary, fences are used in a number of different settings and for different purposes. We pride ourselves in our ability to match the needs of all of our customers in their residential and industrial settings.

Residential Fences: We know there are many options for residential fencing in Calgary, but Lynx Brand Fence Products offer a great variety of residential-type fences depending on your specific Calgary fencing needs. Our aesthetically pleasing fences will add to your home's curb appeal—an appeal that increases the value of your home and neighborhood—and help to give you peace-of-mind security. We also provide fencing options for pet owners who want to ensure the security and well-being of their animals.

The fencing materials that we use are strong and durable and will provide you with maintenance-free security. Our fences are coated with high-quality polyester colour coatings that keep your home's fence looking beautiful even under the stress of severe weather.

Sport and Recreational Fences: Our sport and recreational fences in Calgary provide safety not only to the participants of any given sport but to the spectators who will be coming to your place of business. Our baseball backstops and fences used at recreational locations like swimming pools will ensure that people will not accidentally be harmed by wandering into an off-limits location. Our fences also protect people from balls and other stray objects that can harm spectators. We offer these fences in a variety of heights and with additional features like overhangs that will fulfill any need.

Commercial: Many commercial settings require fencing to maintain a professional appearance as well as to protect the business's valuable contents. The fences that we offer are excellent at keeping out trespassers, and we also build specialized fencing for farms and fields to protect your produce and livestock. This means added money in the bank for you and your business in addition to the comfort and security you will feel knowing that your assets are protected by our fences. Calgary specifically has many fencing needs that we currently fill with our services. Because we have such a variety of fences that can be pre-manufactured or customized, we are confident that we will be able to fit your needs. In commercial settings we have created customized fencing for Home Depot, Rona, Revy, and Canadian Tire. We are confident in our performance and you can be too.

Automatic Gates: Automatic gates are a great option for additional security when you purchase fences in Calgary and the surrounding areas. It can be difficult to remember your key everywhere you go, and we have several alternative options. Some styles of gate openers are as easy to use as a garage door opener. Automatic gates are a great choice for customers who have a difficult time opening their gates manually. Many customers love their automatic gates because, in many cases, they don't even need to get out of their cars to use them. This is very convenient in times of inclement weather and when you just don't have the time to open your gate yourself. We offer several options, and with our expert knowledge we help our customers find exactly what style of automatic gate fits their needs.
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